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It's A Long Way To The Top If You Wanna Rock & Roll

♥Live. Love. Burn. Die.♥

Trapped In The 80s
14 December
I think Shrek got it right by saying (paraphrasing, of course), "I'm like an onion. I have a lot of layers." I find this is probably the most true statement I can offer up for myself. Most people will never get past the upper, silly layers. I'm incredibly complicated and hard to get to know. I'm like no other girl you'll ever meet in your life. It's fun to be unique. :)

If you don't like what I have to say...


I keep this blog friends only unless I'm posting something stupid from YouTube (which I do frequently). I try to stay as drama-free as possible, and I think that's probably the best way to do it because blogstalkers suck. If you want me to add you, drop me a post somewhere.

Things you should probably know about me:

*I'm 30.
*I'm crass and make no apologies for it.
*I'm a college graduate with my degree in Visual Communications. That amounts to "I like to make pretty pictures," or if you live in Pittsburgh, most likely it means "I spent a lot of money to force myself to leave the city if I'd like to find employment in my field".
*I have a baby kitty who means the world to me. She's my child. And she's freaking awesome.
*You'll either catch me working, creating new stuff, on a stage, hibernating in my amazingly oldschool apartment, or getting myself into some kind of strange situation.
*I'm so easily entertained it's ridiculous.
*I'm a stereotypical Irish woman. I'm proud to bleed shamrocks and horseshoes.
*I might be one of the most tolerant people you'll ever meet.
*I'm a horrible person to come to if you want to hear a sugar coated answer. I frequently suffer from Foot In Mouth Syndrome.
*I'm terribly addicted to Photoshopping ridiculous things.
*I'm a wanderer in EVERY sense of the word.
*I firmly, firmly believe that Van Hagar is not a band. It's Van HALEN. Van Hagar = fail.
*I've turned sleeping into not only an art form, but an Olympic sport, and I've taken the gold medal on occasion.
*I'm totally eccentric, a little neurotic, and definitely different. I am who I am. I like me.

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